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What is a POE camera and its various applications?

A lot of people have asked me this question: Is there a link between the Ethernet and POE camera technology? The short answer to this is: Yes. Many companies like Lowrance, Honeywell, and Linksys offer Ethernet kits to connect a POE camera to a PC. These kits work fine for standard cameras but if you want something more advanced you might need to purchase a connector cable that has been designed for the Ethernet technology.

What’s so cool about these “connectors” that I mentioned earlier is that they work just like any other analog cable. They are long and they have male and female connectors on both sides. You simply plug them in (and make sure they are labeled for POE) and then attach the Camera to your PC with the supplied Ethernet cable. If you have a digital camera or even an analog camera you can also connect it to a PC with an analog cable. It will Convert the analog signals into digital signals. Then it will be sent to either VGA monitor or to your TV.


Many IP networks uses Ethernet technology in POE cameras

These days many IP networks are using the Ethernet technology to allow two or more computers to share a common network connection. In fact many network providers offer single-mode fiber optic connections to some of their Poe cameras. You can get a single-mode fiber optic Ethernet cable from your local provider and hook up your Poe camera to your PC with the supplied Ethernet cable. Of course your digital camera will need its own ethernet cable to join to the network switch and then it can become part of the network.

The advantages of this type of service are pretty much – price, portability, flexibility, and reliability.

When you move camera from room to room you do not need to worry about cables getting damaged. They are small and Light.

They are perfect for both outdoors and indoors use. In addition to all these benefits of an IP network, there are a few disadvantages that you need to consider.

A lot of options for buying POE cameras

There are a number of options on the market today for Poe security cameras. The most popular would have to be bullet cameras. Bullet cameras are easy to set up,.They are small and low profile, they have high sensitivity and have very good night recording performance. In fact, bullet cameras make great alternatives to IP cams.

There are also software programs now available that allow you to integrate your Google Assistant with your POE camera setup. This way you can have a single POE camera with an artificial intelligence assistant that can do everything for you. From controlling the lights, controlling play lists, controlling temperature, controlling the camera image and more. In the future, many of these software programs will enable you to connect your alexa voice response system with your Google Assistant to make for a truly intelligent assistant. You will be able to do things like make reservations at restaurants, play music, control room temperature, order take away, check out items in stock, track deliveries…all without touching your smartphone. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

poe camera

In the end, Google Assistant will enable the end user to seamlessly integrate their experience with their device. With all the benefits of cloud computing and all the ease of setting up a single wireless camera system. It’s no wonder that Google is positioning their service as the leader in internet technology. The future of the web looks very bright when it comes to cloud services. We believe Google Assistant will help to pull customers into the future of wireless and internet technologies. If you’re part of the cloud community, we’re glad to have you! One can simply visit websites like to buy POE cameras.


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