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What is the Best Quality Dart Board?

How to Pick Dart Board

I am not joking when I saw a dart board can mean the difference between turning darts into real interest and giving up after the first attempt.

If you think I am too dramatic, imagine this. You rush out and buy a cheap dartboard under 50. You take it home in enthusiasm, rip it from the bundle and hang it up. Then you whip out the darts it came with and start throwing them in the board merely to get started.

Virtually every time you throw a dart, it strikes the board then bounces right out. Frustrated, you start throwing the darts even harder to make them stick. After a while, you see that nothing you try works and go out searching for a new hobby.

That situation might seem crazy, but it happens all of the time. I can not tell you how many novices email me after finding my website, asking how they can get their darts to adhere. Nine times out of ten, when I ask them what sort of board they are using, the solution is something along the lines of”A $20 one I got from Toys R Us or Walmart.”

After switching to a high-quality board, the problem is nearly always fixed.

That is why I decided to put together this manual. If you are serious about getting started with darts, investing in a high-quality dartboard must be a high priority.

But finding the ideal dartboard can be quite confusing as there are so many out there and plenty of misinformation about choosing one. But do not worry, I have you covered.

I have put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide for finding the best dartboard. I will walk you through what to search for, matching the perfect darts for your dartboard and show you my suggestions for the best dartboards for every budget.

How to Pick Dart Board

When it comes time to pick the best dart board for you, there are various aspects to consider: size, look, and materials.

If you intend on practising professionally, then you need a championship sized plank of 18″. Though, for casual players, a more compact choice will do just fine. The colours vary between manufacturers and styles, so you need to decide if you prefer more vibrant or subtle colours. Most boards are similar in colour, but some are brighter than others.

Many dartboards are sisal fibre, even though some are Cork, wood, or even paper. The best material to consider is sisal fibres. It’s a porous fibre obtained from the leaves of sisal plants. These fibres are biodegradable, and there are no pesticides used during the farming procedure.

The special thing about this material is that it heals itself after you remove the darts. Each hole left behind closes up itself, making the board last for a lot longer.

Cork Dart Boards

Dartboards made entirely from Cork are usually lower tier and do not offer quite the same attributes as Sisal dartboards even though they prove to be a much cheaper option, making them a great choice for anyone on a budget.

Electronic Dart Boards

There are two different types of dartboards available: digital and conventional. Digital dartboards offer the benefit of electronic scorekeeping. If you love playing in bigger classes, the electric scoreboard makes it much easier to track scores from several players correctly.

Electronic options are normally more stylish too! They frequently have cabinetry which makes it easy to hang in any room of the home.

Another distinction is the sort of darts used. Conventional dartboards are most frequently played with steel tip darts, while digital boards use soft tip darts.

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