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Yin Yoga For Beginners

Most people think it is not good for a beginner to start learning and practicing Yin Yoga. because some of the Yin Yoga poses are very complex and require proper training before you can practice. But in reality, Yin Yoga is one of the perfect types of yoga that a beginner should start. This is because Yin Yoga is a slow practiced form of yoga. In Yin Yoga, we perform all the poses slowly and keep performing them multiple times. This enhances the learning experience for a beginner. So, if you are a beginner at yoga and want to learn some of the easiest types of Yoga you should start with Yin Yoga

Importance of Creating a Sequence of Poses:

Yin Yoga is all about creating a sequence of poses. In other forms of yoga, you perform one pose and rest before you go to another pose. Meanwhile, in Yin Yoga, you directly move from one pose to another without taking rest. That is why for a Yin Yoga student, it is very important to learn and practice with the help of a sequence. Some sequences are designed by other yoga gurus and you can follow them. But you can also create your sequence based on the poses and movement. If you are creating your sequence, you should learn about the poses that you can use. 

Tips for Practicing Yin Yoga:

As I told you earlier, you need to create a sequence before you start performing Yin Yoga. it is better to learn about the individual pose and then decide to practice. If you have better knowledge of the pose you will be able to do it better. This will increase your ability to practice and create your sequence because you have already learned about the practice of Yin Yoga. 

Beginners Ideal Sequence of Poses:

Below are some of the poses that you can do to create your sequence of Yin Yoga. 

  • Child Pose:

Child pose is one of the best poses for beginners because it is easy to do. Not only that it has several benefits for your body and your mind. Child Pose allows your body to bend, stretch, and help make it flexible. To go in Child pose you will have to start by sitting on your folded legs. After that, bend your head down and make sure your nose is touching the ground. There are a lot of movements for your hands that you can do. First, you can spread them from above your head, or you can keep them on your side, or you can close them behind your hips. Stay in the pose for some time and then move to the next psoe. 

  • Cat/Cow Pose:

Cat/Cow pose is also easy and you can do it after that child pose. All you need to do is change your position. Stay on your legs aligned with your hands, and keep your body in the air. Now, once your upper body is in the air, you have two positions to be in. one requires putting your back to bend low towards the ground and the other one requires taking it up in an outward direction. Both of these positions are known as Cat/cow pose. 

Read more – here

  • Downward Facing Dog Pose:

This is also an easy pose and has a lot of ways to do it. You can do it with props. Make sure that your legs are spread, and your hands are aligned on the ground with your legs. Keep your body in the air, without bending your arms or legs. Now, lower your head towards the ground and face the earth. Touch your nose to the ground and then take off your head for a bit and repeat that motion. 

  • Ragdoll Pose:

This is a pose in which you stand on your legs and bend your entire body. You should start by standing straight. Slowly bend your body downward without bending your legs. Catch your left elbow with the right hand and the right elbow with the left hand. Bend as much as you can with ease. Now, after bending, come back to your normal position and repeat these steps. 

  • Dragon Pose:

To do the dragon pose in Yin Yoga, you will have to spread one of your legs straight, and fold another leg near your chest. Align both hands close to the folded leg and look down and up. Repeat the same steps with the other leg. 


These five were the best basic poses that a beginner should try and create a sequence. Practitioners can add more and more complex poses to this sequence. But it is very important to always start simple. If you want to learn proper beginner training of Yin Yoga, you should visit the website of Arhanta Yoga Ashram and learn about their courses.

Profile- The Course Director
Ram Jain

(ERYT-500 and YACEP with 40,000 hours of Teaching Experience)

Ram Jain is a renowned yoga teacher from India and the Director of Arhanta Yoga Ashrams in India and The Netherlands. He has been teaching since 1998 and is teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2009. He has trained over 4000 yoga teachers in the past 10 years. Born and raised in India, his yoga education started from the age of eight years as part of his school education. Over the period he has studied yoga and yogic philosophy in-depth from various reputed teachers.

During his 19 years of teaching career, he has worked with students from various backgrounds. he is well known for his ability to simplify the complex teachings of yoga.

Ram has studied Yin Yoga from Paul Grilley (founder of Yin Yoga). Ram wil be your guide and he will be available to answer your questions or doubts during and after the course.

Course Locations

We offer two kinds of teacher training courses:

  • A residential teacher training course which takes place at our ashram in the Netherlands
  • A non-residential teacher training course which takes place in Velp, near Arnhem

The 50 hour residential teacher training is held at our Yoga ashram in the Netherlands, Europe. The ashram is situated outside the beautiful village of Varsseveld, near Arnhem, in the east of the Netherlands. The ashram is very well-connected to the Dutch public transportation network and is situated in a beautiful and peaceful location, surrounded by fields and woods.

The non residential course takes place at ‘Parkstaete Zalencentrum’ in the center of Velp, near Arnhem. The location is easily accessible via public transport. There are numerous transportation facilities available in different budgets. Often students also car pool from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht etc.

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