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Fact Check – How Long Does A Carpet Usually Take To Dry Itself Up?

One of the most asked questions by homeowners when it comes to carpets is the overall time required to dry it up after completing the cleaning process. The question stems from the fact there are multiple inexperienced carpet cleaning companies out there who take multiple days to dry up expensive carpets, which can totally be unacceptable for many consumers. 

ThatÔÇÖs why itÔÇÖs essential to go deeper into this subject matter and thereby conclude how much average time a carpet should take to dry up after cleaning.┬á

EveryoneÔÇÖs Situation Is Different

The reason why there is a broad time estimation when it comes to drying up of carpets is that – not every carpet has been manufactured in the same manner. Professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane services states that different types of carpet fibres will require different times to dry up. For instance, woollen carpets, which can absorb 30 per cent more water during cleaning, will take an extended period to dry up compared to a carpet that has been built out of polypropylene material.

One of the other reasons why some carpets out there take longer to dry than the others is because of the amount of dirt present inside the carpet fibres. If the carpet that is to be cleaned has been heavily soiled or hasnÔÇÖt been cleaned for a long time, then more cleaning solutions will be required to break down the accumulated dirt, which will increase the overall drying times. ThatÔÇÖs why itÔÇÖs highly suggested to perform regular carpet cleaning.┬á

Additionally, it should also be realised that the humidity and temperature of your environment also plays a massive part in dictating the drying times of your carpet. For example, if the amount of humidity is higher in the environment that you live in, then it will take longer to dry your carpet. The same can be said if you’re living in a cold place.┬á

Alternatively, if you inhabit in an area where there is plenty of sunlight and the air humidity is less, then you can expect your carpet to be dried up within a lesser amount of time. This is the exact reason why, in the rainy season, it takes more time for clothes and carpets to dry. 

Lastly, if the fibres of the carpet are long, the time required to dry up will go up as well.

What Is The Solution?

The best course of action to ensure that your carpet gets dried up within a very stipulated period would be to hire professional and experienced carpet cleaning services. These professionals will only deploy the best available methods for cleaning your carpets while also using the ideal cleaning agent, thereby lowering the time of carpet drying. 

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