Five facts To Give You An Overview Of MOT Newbury

MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport. It is a test on vehicles to ensure their safety, roadworthiness, and all aspects of the United Kingdom. Vehicles above the age of 3 years and in some parts of the United Kingdom, more than 3 years, are required to pass the MOT test. The MOT Newbury consists of a test and a certificate proving your vehicle’s safety.

Further, we will discuss 5 major points that will give you an overview of the MOT Newbury test.


One of the misconceptions about the MOT test is that the test results ensure the vehicle’s proper mileage. This is false, as MOT ensures the overall safety of the driver, passengers, and the car itself.

Another misconception is that the MOT test is necessary for vehicles in the entire UK. However, a few of the isolated islands of the UK are excluded from the MOT.

The origin

MOT was first introduced in 1960. During the initial years of MOT, the test included 4-5 tests. Today, 20 tests are performed to ensure the vehicle’s safety. These 20 tests can include parts from inside as well as outside of the vehicle.

The name is derived from the Ministry Of Transport, which was once a part of today’s transportation department, but later on, its name was changed.

Any individual in Great Britain can start the MOT verification station professionally, on any premises, and provide certification. Still, both the premises and the person has to fulfil the conditions stated by the government.

Classification of test

The MOT test is classified into many parts named as classes. They are:

Class 1 – Testing of all the MOTorcycles up to 200cc.

Class 2 – Testing of all the MOTorcycles, including class 1, with or without sidecars.

Class 3 – Testing of all the 3 wheeler vehicles which are less than 450 kgs.

Class 4 – Testing of cars, including all the 3 wheeler vehicles weighing more than 450 kgs. Goods vehicles weighing less than 3000 kgs, minibuses with less than or equal to 12 passenger seats, taxis, etc.

Class 5 – Testing of private passenger vehicles with more than or equal to 13 seats, ambulances, etc.

Class 6- Testing of public sector vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats.

Class 7- Testing of goods vehicles weighing more than 3000 kgs

What if the vehicle fails in the test?

In case the vehicle fails the MOT test Newbury once, it is unacceptable by the government. You shall face legal actions if you are found driving a vehicle that does not have a certificate of a passed MOT test. It should also be unacceptable to you, as failing in an MOT test shows that your vehicle’s condition is proper and is dangerous to drive in, too.

The government provides a re-test in the case of a failure in the first MOT test. It is necessary to take the retest in the next 10 days. In case the vehicle is at the repair station, it is given a pass for exceeding 10 days limit. If it exceeds the 10 days limit and still fails the MOT test, it will have to go through the test again, paying the whole fess of the test.

Importance of MOT test

As all the points mentioned above state, the MOT test is necessary for your vehicle’s life and the people inside it. This test is a great initiative of the UK government to provide safety to its people and the environment through lesser emissions from fuel.

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