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Flutter vs. React Native: Which One to Choose For App Development?

As more and more startups and established companies are adopting new technology, the demand for mobile apps has augmented dramatically. With the high demand, a huge number of cross-platform app development platforms are coming to the market. Because of this, the confusion for which technology to choose for mobile app development is flourishing.

To build up the all-new mobile app for your business the developer also has to choose the latest and advanced technology which takes less time and should be simple and efficient.

To go with the trend, these days we can consider Flutter and React Native as top contenders. Both frameworks are the leading development frameworks that are competing with each other to prove their importance.

Continue reading to explore the factor of the React Native vs Flutter.

Created by

  • React Native

React Native was created by social media giant Facebook and was released in 2015. They have a huge team that is working on the React Native only and trying to make it better. As React Native is Facebook’s own framework so Facebook is utilizing this framework to develop its many other products. Facebook is involved in React Native continually so it has gained very high popularity and trust for the developers.

  • Flutter

Flutter is a new framework compared to React-Native. Can you guess who is the backbone of this framework? Flutter is created by the tech giant, Google. Flutter is an open-source SDK (Sensor Development Kit) from Google, it is helpful for Android app development or iOS app development using a single code base. Google’s contribution is very high in the development of Flutter.


  • React Native

React Native is written in JavaScript with the assistance of the React platform. JavaScript is the backend of React Native; and since JavaScript is ranking on the top of the most popular programming languages in the world, it gets easier to find the developers to code in JavaScript compared to others. Therefore, it’s easy to learn React Native for JavaScript developers.

  • Flutter

Flutter is written in DART language. Comparatively, Dart is easy to understand and is a useful programming language. Dart is not that popular as JavaScript. But it’s important to comprehend the dart language to commence developing in Flutter.


There is a prediction that Flutter is better than React Native. Because the React Native needs to interact with the JavaScript bridge to interact with native components. But Flutter doesn’t need to interact with any other thing. While React Native interacts with JavaScript bridge, on the other side in Flutter the dart code is directly compiled to the native machine code, this improves performance in comparison to React Native.


  • React Native

React Native is popular and highly utilized by developers around the world. Any React developer can easily understand and develop React Native mobile apps. Nowadays, there are so many applications like Instagram, UberEats, Tesla, Pinterest, and many others that are developed using the React Native app development services.

  • Flutter

As mentioned above, Google is the backbone of this framework and that’s why Flutter has gained good attention nowadays.

The eCommerce king Alibaba is using Flutter for one of their mobile applications. Some other popular applications like Google Ads, Tencent, and many others are also developed using the Flutter app development services.

To sum up

Cross-platform app development is a current trend nowadays. We are now moving forward to build cross-platform applications that are not limited to just native mobile app development for Android and iOS. Although, Flutter is not that old but has good cross-platform features. On the other side, React Native is an old and experienced platform. The benefit of React Native is it is a widely used framework and huge community so anyone can get a better solution at any time. Thus, I can conclude that React Native is an ideal option when you want to develop on a platform that is known by developers and Flutter when you need better performance. Both of these platforms are better at their place.

Anita Shah

I am a Project Coordinator at XongoLab Technologies LLP, which is a leading web and mobile app development company in India. As a hobby, I love to write about new & upcoming technology, business, and marketing.

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