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Free Whiteboard Animation Software Without Watermark

Whiteboard Animation

Are you finding Free Whiteboard Software Without Watermark to make whiteboard videos?

Drawing has been one of the popular ways to express emotion since ancient times; before languages drawing were use to share their opinion and feelings.

To make drawing wasn’t as exceptional, the concept of animation came into; Animation is a method in which characters are showing as moving images like dancing, talking, etc. The fusion of drawing with animation brought new dimensions together.

With the advancement of technology, animation’s mode took a drastic change; the amalgamation of voice-over with energy brought life into cartoons; they look alike more humanly. Animation expresses emotions and feelings in a unique way that both children and adults can understand. Due to this reason, animation considers the most popular graphic that a billion-dollar movie.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is how an author physically draws and records an illustrated story using a whiteboard along with narration. For drawing, the author tends to choose time-lapsed drawing or slow-motion animation.

Audience’s attention

The story can be about the new product of the business, manuals, strategies, or many other things; the constructive script with a strong narration can grab the higher audience’s attention.

Marketing strategy

Whiteboard animation videos are exciting and unique. That’s why they are frequently ubiquitous; if you know the techniques, you can get free whiteboard animation software without watermarks to create your animated video. According to a survey, it’s the most beneficial marketing strategy to promote your business.

According to several surveys of professional ghostwriting services teams, animated movies and titles get more traffic than other conventional videos; that’s why digital marketing and communication are using whiteboard animation extensively.

It’s an effective and innovative method to promote your business service or product. It usually focuses on their objective. That’s why it is considered straightforward and loud enough to remember.

Social media has around 3.96 active users; social media is a great platform to post your whiteboard animated videos while scrolling through your newsfeed; when people find animated videos, it generates interest and eager them to watch it. With a constructive script and good narration, it tends to be more appealing.

Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whether to use whiteboard animation or not? Like other people, there are two things that you think about your business as your business advertisement should use the whiteboard animation. Businesses can’t find why you should use whiteboard animation videos for business. here are some reasons, have a look to understand the importance to use a whiteboard animation video:

fun segment

Suppose it is made in the right way. In that case, animated videos can be meaningful and entertaining simultaneously in the audience’s eyes. Usually, people try to avoid these as informative videos are boring, and people try to avoid them. Whereas, informative video in the form of whiteboard animation compels people to watch it with complete interest.

Wide Acceptability

Animated videos are widespread, as it enhances the flexibility of a video. There are no particular restrictions on posting animated videos; you can post them anywhere according to your website or social media demand.

Potential Customer Base Building

Animated videos are created with unique skills, and it makes it easy to convert the target audience to potential customers. It increases engagement, and people love to react and comment on the videos. When they like it, they share it with friends and family; thus, your product automatically gets views.

Complex Matter Easily Explained

You can increase the regular video length with animated videos, and people will not get bored because of the technology used in it. Also, animated video is the best option to explain a complex idea in a more straightforward method. Whiteboard animation always makes the approach easier.

Best Free Whiteboard Software Without Watermark

There are several whiteboard tools and software without watermark available in the market to create animated videos, here is the list of some software which will help you to make animated videos without the watermark:


The MySimpleShow is one of the best options for making whiteboard animated software that will fulfill all your whiteboard video animation requirements. A professional-looking video is elementary to create for education purposes or business promotions among the free software available for a whiteboard animation.


It’s a web-based, completely free whiteboard animation; you can’t download it on your PC; you need to be online to use the software, you need to register and sign in with the free account then you are good to go. Animaker video animation software has almost six different video styles that can be worked together; it is a fantastic feature that people love to use. With this, you will be able to create 720 types of unique and exciting animated videos. For content makers and project-related advertising and marketing, this software is beneficial.

Raw Shorts

Raw shorts are also trendy and well-known free whiteboard animation software to make whiteboard videos without a watermark, which can help you effortlessly to create an excellent video. As responsive and user-friendly software, professionals and marketers use Raw Shorts, online video maker.

Video creation

There are different templates available with this software that goes perfectly well with the whiteboard animated videos. This video creation software provides access to insert media files, texts, media, sound, and effects to make the video more powerful and unique.

Animated video

The sharing of the animated video on social media is available with the other features. people who used whiteboard animation software with free download love this software because of its excellence.  In the surveys that people who use whiteboard animation software with free download love this software because of its excellent and distinct features along with being a free version app. People download Raw Shorts in a significant number since the same, which is quite notable and impressive.


It is another powerful free whiteboard animation software to create whiteboard videos. This one helps you to be a storyteller by adding creative fusions. When we talk about the education sector, its use is for presentations and subject videos, and also corporate scribble videos. A massive collection of templates is available with this free online whiteboard video maker. You can choose according to your requirement and create a perfect presentation with the animation toolkit.



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