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Love Stargazing? Head To These Beautiful Spots In Utah!

Utah is a state in the Western USA, which is recognized as the best place to stargaze. Having clean atmosphere and dry air at highland areas there are many spots here to experience the starry skies. Pollution in the city areas makes it hard to see starry night sky in the areas. So for Astro-lovers Utah can be the place where they can attend a stargazing event and have fun. Or they can decide to go for camping and enjoy a late-night star party. 80% of Americans live in areas where the Milky Way cannot be seen due to urban light pollution. This is not a problem when watching in Utah. There is a certified International Dark Sky Park nearby, allowing you to re-understand our ancestral knowledge and subtle intuition. Let’s read more to find out some beautiful stargazing Spots in Utah.

The dark skies of Utah are ideal for Astromancy

Brigham Young (BYU) University

BYU is located in Provo, Utah and is a very interesting place for Stargazing. It offers various opportunities for astronomy buffs and stargazers to enjoy the precious night sky in Utah.  The Astronomical Society of BYU offers numerous activities for those who wish to understand the night sky and what they see in the process. Some of the events hosted by the association include: weekly planetarium performances and monthly star gatherings. While performing at the university, if you want to pass through the night sky in an outdoor location, a starry sky party is perfect.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands is the least visited national park in Utah, which means you can enjoy all the panoramic views on your own. The park is divided into three parts, two of which are quite convenient, about 45 minutes away from the arch. Canyonlands, Arches and Dead Horse Point share a stargazing program that rotates between the three parks during the summer months. There are campsites in the park and Dead Horse Point National Park near the island at the entrance to the sky. Moab is the closest city to the hotel, about an hour away.

Observatory complex at Stansbury Park 

It is owned and maintained by the Astronomical Society of Salt Lake which also hosts public celebrity gatherings in many grocery stores in Hammons, and has some large-aperture telescopes in the state. In the free public starry sky gathering, local amateur astronomers will set up telescopes to allow viewers to enjoy the moon, planets and other celestial wonders. Even if there is no starry sky party, nearby venues can keep you away from most city lights and overlook the night sky.

Clear Skies of Bryce Canyon National Park

This National park has the most astronomical events of all the parks on this list, including the annual astronomy festival held in June each year. Stargazing at the visitor center, full moon hiking and daylight viewing during the day are among the 100 astronomical events held throughout the year. The full moon hike is so famous that you have to get tickets by drawing a lottery, so if this is on your wishlist, plan ahead. You can stay at the Lodge or camp in the park. Ruby’s Inn and its neighbouring hotels and campground are also available outside the park entrance

Antelope State Island Park

Antelope Island is located in the center of the Salt Lake and can be reached by car. It is one of the best places near Salt Lake City and Ogden. It can stay away from light pollution and really see the night sky. The Astronomical Society Ogden hosts star parties here in the warmer months. There are four primitive camps on Antelope Island. The nearest hotel-familiar chain hotel-is about 30 minutes away in Layton. Make American Airlines Reservations to visit Utah and enjoy the late night dark starry skies from the province.

Peak Lookout Trail

Wangshan Peak is located 9,000 feet high and has an incredibly magnificent view, which may make you forget the 45-minute drive from Provo. During the day, it is famous for its 8-mile-long hikes, and at night, the panorama is dotted with bright stars. Many hikers mentioned the secluded part of this trail, which does not seem to be a very busy area. If you need to be thoughtful while looking, please keep this in mind, but if you want to see the night sky in a place with more people around, it may not be suitable for you.

When it comes to atsomancy in Provo, Utah, Whether you are a stargazer looking for a meditation experience, or wish to be better at reading the night sky, you can make Jet Blue Airlines Reservations, find a location near Provo that suits your needs and experience level and enjoy yourself.


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