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Should You Wear A Different Perfume In The Winter Season?

When one has to choose a particular type of fragrance for themselves, they have to keep several factors in mind. Some of these include personality, culture, taste and the season of the year. Indeed, certain fragrances are distinctively made for the winter season. Alternatively, you can find many scents that are exclusive for the summer, autumn and spring seasons as well.

Surprisingly, the temperature is an element that can alter the way you perceive a perfume. For example, in summers, high temperatures tend to amplify the fragrance notes. On the other hand, during chilly weather, it is harder for a scent to evaporate. For this reason, perfume makers have to come up with different compositions to make fragrances as relevant as they can for different seasons.

Before you learn how to pick up your cold-weather fragrance, let’s talk about the difference between summer and winter season scents.

What makes summer fragrances different from winter perfumes?

The summer season is all about outdoor activities, beach visits, cocktail parties and barbeques. If you have a similar lifestyle when the temperature is usually high, you have to make sure that your fragrance accommodates the way you spend your summers.

The fact is that the summer fragrances are lighter in odour than their winter counterparts, as the former consists of less lingering and powerful base notes. That is why, a majority of experts recommend that you swap your heavier scented fragrances with the lighter ones during the summer season, as they can be quite overwhelming. The more delicate perfumes you use in humid weather, the fresher and better is the lasting effect of the fragrance. If that is what you are looking for, get your hands on Orchid – inspired by Black Orchid and TV – inspired by Tobacco Vanille, from Match Fragrances.

On the contrary, when the temperature starts lowering, the changes in the body crave for heavier and warmer scents. That is the reason why summer scents feel muted when you put them on during the winter season. Experts suggest that you wear fragrances that offer spicy and woody notes when the cold weather hits. To prepare yourself for the season, buy the top-seller Eau De Parfums, such as Neroli – inspired by Neroli Portofino and Wood – inspired by Oud Wood, from Match Fragrances.

Now that you know why it is recommended to wear different types of scents in the summer and winter season, it is time to show you how to pick your fragrance when the temperature is reduced.

How to choose your fragrance for the winter season?

If you follow the ensuing steps, you will face no problem in choosing the ideal scent to keep you feeling warm and cosy during the winters.

#1 Get to know the basics

Unlike summers, the winter season encourages you to wear heavy and bold fragrances. Even though in humid weather scents tend to evaporate at a much faster rate, they fade away quickly during low-temperature seasons. The reason behind this phenomenon is dry skin. Another thing to keep in mind when you are shopping for winter perfumes is their base notes. As these are the heaviest part of the fragrance, you have to be careful of what you choose. The most favourable base notes are vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.

#2 Go for sweet or spicy

The winter season also welcomes all the mega festivities of the year, such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year parties. If there is one thing that is similar in all these events, it is baking. Therefore, choosing sweet scents makes all the sense. To be exact, you can try out gourmand-based fragrances. Moreover, you may also add spicy notes in your collection of fragrances. Scents with ingredients like cinnamon, saffron and nutmeg, are ideal for keeping you warm throughout the winter season.

#3 Do not stop experimenting

Every individual has a different taste when it comes to perfumes. As a result, it is beneficial to experiment and explore different scents, along with the ways in which a particular fragrance reacts with your natural body odour. You should always go for a fragrance that makes you feel complete and confident.

Now that you know how easy it is to get your hands on the perfect winter fragrances, you can explore the variety offered by Match Fragrances and place an order for the perfect winter perfume!



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