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Letter Coin Shell Pendant Pearl NecklaceCoco Chanel said: “Fashion is perishable, style is forever.” From this point of view, style is more fashionable than a trend. To say that the hottest accessories in the past two years must be chokers. Basically, every fashionista has at least one choker. Not only do they look good enough, but they can be worn with any style of clothing. Chokers can show your low-key sexy, not inferior to all gorgeous jewelry. Their style is fashionable but never out of date. Choker’s designs are diverse and can bring different styles. When you wear an elegant wholesale choker, your beauty will be brought to a new level.

The following will recommend some exquisite chokers to you. If you are interested, please read on!

  1. Retro-style Chokers are Back in Trend

    Heart-shaped Star Pendant Chain S925 Silver ChokerThe chokers were given various titles between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the symbol of the prostitute, the struggle of the guillotine, the royal fashion, and even some people said that it joined the rebellious cultural movement during the Great Depression. For the code of lesbians and so on. What about in the twentieth century? Of course, it is still indispensable in the fashion circle. In the middle of the twentieth century, chokers returned to people’s sight, and different styles of chokers grabbed headlines.

    Since the 1990s, it has become a gothic necessity. The kind of complicated choker with amazing details is a kind of boutique in itself. Near the millennium, an imitation tattoo choker appeared. At that time, this was tailor-made for 14-to-15-year-old girls — they didn’t dare to tattoo directly on their necks, and wanted to be among the ranks of “coolest chick”. The little girls put on colorful tattoo chokers, with Try to be as indifferent as possible to convey the emotion of “I hate the world”.

  2. Fashion Chokers with Straps

    Solid Color Crisscross Hand-woven ChokerStraps have always been a very popular element. For example, like an ordinary sweater, shirt, or jeans, as long as the bandage is added, the fashionableness can be increased several times. Of course, the choker is no exception.

    You can mix it with any clothes at will, and the straps naturally drape down to decorate your style well. You can also wear a stylish halter outfit, and then wear the lace-up chokers in reverse to look better. This combination will show your unique personality. Finally, you can also make a choice in terms of material. Replace the leather chokers with hollow lace, and match it with a lace top of the same material to echo the material. This kind of collocation will make your style look more coordinated and give people a different feeling.

  3. Fashion Chokers with Bow-knot

     Butterfly Rhinestone Tassel Choker NecklaceThe bow-knot is a cute and elegant presence. No matter what the item is, as long as the design of the bow-knot is added, it will become very delicate. The choker is simply wrapped around the neck with a thin chain, and finally finished with a big bow-knot. Its built-in function of modifying the neckline can make your neck look longer and full of gentle femininity.

    If it is in the summer, wearing a choker is also suitable. You can choose to wear a choker made of leather with a bow-knot and a simple camisole to fill you with a strong hormonal taste. The bow-knot choker without black can also be replaced with a white bow-knot choker, which will be a completely different style. Finally, paired with a white dress will make you a goddess in the eyes of everyone!

  4. Fashion Chokers with Logo

    Geometric Letter Love Cloth NecklaceThe logo element has regained its popularity in recent years, and it is the same on the choker. Wearing a choker with the logos can bring the finishing touch to your outfit. Logo styles are also very diverse, it can be a simple English phrase, or you can customize it with your own name. No matter which style can make you different.

    When you want to go to a party, you can wear a yellow and white logo choker with a sexy tube top dress. This combination will make you the most fashionable woman at the party. Don’t worry about their high prices. In fact, if you don’t have a lot of budgets, you can remove some gift boxes and use the packaging strips above to DIY a logo choker.

  5. Fashion Chokers with Pendant

    Queen's Portrait Pearl Pendant Lace NecklaceIf you want to exude the queen’s charm from the inside out by wearing a choker, you need to add delicate pendants to the design. Add a long pendant to the choker, which is full of futuristic sense. Women who are pursuing a personality line choose exaggerated pendant styles that are also more suitable.

    The thick black choker with the pearl pendant design can make you become more advanced after wearing it. You can match it with black and white tops of the same color to echo the colors. Black and white color matching have always been very classic, suitable for girls of any style. At the same time, it is also a good choice to match a choker with a pearl pendant to a colorful dress. Black and white colors usually require the addition of colors to give people a bright feeling.

  6. Fashion Chokers with Rhinestone

    Simple Rhinestone Adjustable Collar NecklaceAfter the glittering rhinestones are added to the choker, they can reflect a charming light under the light. It is very beautiful and attractive. You don’t need to worry that this style of choker will look a little too exaggerated because if your clothes are simple and add a little rhinestone element for embellishment, it will have a good effect.

    A choker with rhinestones will look fashionable no matter what style of clothing it matches. But you’d better not match it with clothing that also has rhinestone elements, otherwise, it will appear a little confusing visually and lose the original decorative effect of the choker. Only by matching choker with solid-colored clothing can it better highlight its sense of existence. When you wear a choker with rhinestones, you will become the most eye-catching woman in the crowd.

Star Eye Moon Pearl Combination Necklace CollarThe hot spot of choker this year is casual. It tells me that choker is an attitude. Everyone is their own matchmaker. Everyone can do whatever you want! Don’t be too concerned about what others think and say about your appearance, because these don’t represent yourself. You only need to wear the clothes you like and the jewelry you like. Besides, if you want to buy a lot of elegant wholesale chokers online. Then OOK JEWELRY online store may be a good choice for you. Here we can provide you with many of the most cost-effective and exquisite jewelry. I believe you will be satisfied!

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