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Smart TV v/s Normal TV: Which one is better?

Smart TV v/s Normal TV: Which one is better?

10A Television is a device that allows you to watch content with sound on a big screen.  If you are talking about just watching channels on tv, every tv will help you to do that, it is simply a normal tv. The reason is, it is its main purpose but today we can do a lot more than just watch a couple of channels out of boredom for enjoyment. The one with all the extra features is more commonly known as a Smart tv or an Internet tv. Thanks to technology, we have multiple options at our disposal, and discussing them could take all evening. So, we simply come to our topic and that is the difference between a Smart TV v/s  Normal TV

With technological advancements, we can easily get a smart tv at affordable rates. A decent smart tv can be bought on even a low budget. This is the reason everybody has it in their homes. Tv has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Before going to purchase a tv, you should make sure that you need one. Is it necessary for you to buy a smart tv? Will it be worth your money or not? So, we are here to help you with that. We have highlighted the main key differences between a Smart tv & a Normal tv. Giving this will make you realize the best option for you.


Smart TV v/s Normal TV

The major difference between a Smart Tv and a Normal Tv is that the former one has access to Internet & WiFi. Clearly, in today’s technology-driven world we need the Internet for almost everything we do. In simple words, A smart Tv is a device that has internet connectivity and easily helps you do and explore a lot. A Smart Tv also has in-built apps that help you stream your favorite content on the screen. For this, you simply would not require any additional pieces of equipment if it has access to the internet.

We have already mentioned that Smart Tv is known as an Internet Tv and the reason is that with the help of the Internet you get to have access to the various content available on the web. The on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu, Disney+hotstar,  Zee5, YouTube, and other movies and shows, can also be easily streamed. Additionally, smart tv also allows you to interact with your television via remote or touch screen (if it is a touch screen device). It would not be wrong to say that a Smart tv is a mix of Tv and Pc as it performs all the features of a Tv and also that of a computer.

You need to keep one thing in mind not all Smart TVs are the same. One smart tv differs from another, depending upon its features, technologies, model, manufacture, or brand. Most of the features are the same but some might have additional features as well, so you need to check them. It is always better to personally check the features of a smart tv in which you are willing to invest better understand whether or not it is suitable for you.

Coming to the differences, we would like to highlight them individually. The main key differences between a Smart tv and a normal tv are listed below. It is important for any customer to truly understand both of them before buying a tv for your home. You need to consider many things starting fr features, size technologies, and price. This is only possible when you do some research.


Smart Tv

  • A Smart tv helps you browse the internet easily on your big screen.
  • With Smart TVs, you can also stream content on your favorite platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Disney+hotstar, YouTube, and many more.
  • Furthermore, you can stream music on Spotify and all such apps with a click.
  • Downloading games, apps has never been this easy but Smart TVs have got it all covered for you.


Normal Tv

  • Normal tv cannot connect to the Internet.
  • They work on big computer monitors.
  • They do not have access to any OTT platforms or other video services.
  • A regular Tv is a good option for people who don’t want to have all the features and are not willing to buy a new one.


Are all the new TVs smart TVs?

You must have heard a lot about Smart TVs, how they are dominating the market now. But you know what, it is not mandatory that all the televisions are smart Tv. Today’s TV’s can do a lot of stuff, more than ever but that does not mean that it is a smart tv only.  Any normal HD Tv would be able to perform most of the functions of the smart Tv. Furthermore, they do not have access to the internet or a particular operating system.


Should you still buy a Normal Tv?

Indeed, regular TVs will always be there, no matter how many smart TVs come around. Not everybody wants a Tv that can be connected to the Internet. Some people just want their TVs to show them channels that they enjoy. These screens are mostly of 1080p resolution and perfectly good, you need not buy a smart tv. Everything has its pros and cons, so do Smart TVs. There are many reasons why you should not buy a smart Tv but again if you enjoy direct access to your content on the big screen, you should buy it. This is the time when you need to decide the suitability of a Smart Tv for your home.


Predictable future of Smart TVs

Today, what we see in the market is cutthroat competition, not only in the television industry but everywhere. All manufacturers are striving to provide TVs with enhanced advanced technologies and extraordinary features, it is not likely to stop soon. Some of the popular tv brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others are trying their level best to offer their customers new innovative things. Earlier, people were thrilled to have flat TVs, now 4k then 8k sets are popular. This advancement is likely to take a break and smarter newer TVs will keep on coming into the market to give us a better experience.


Summing up

To conclude our discussion, we would like to say that you should only buy a Smart Tv if it suits your needs. It is not necessary that If something new has come up in the market, you go and purchase it. You should stick to your old Regular Tv if that works fine for you. So, do some research and see which one suits you the best. Never make hasty decisions when it comes to technology. We hope, you liked our article. For all tech-related content, keep following our page.

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