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Tiling on Walls— A Good or Bad Idea?

You would have definitely heard about tiles on the floor, in your bathroom, and even in your kitchen. Have you ever considered tiling on the walls of your living room or bedroom? Maybe the thought occurred to you, but you dropped it — because of course, tiling is always associated with floors. But you couldn’t be more wrong. We can show you innumerable magazine-worthy houses which are adorned with exclusive tiles on the walls.

Why are tiles on walls most recommended?

After paints and wallpaper, tiles are considered as the best option to adorn your walls. But for that, you require hiring only the experts in tiling in Auckland, First Home Services can do the job perfectly for you. They will advise you on which kinds of tiles would be best suited for your walls and even install these perfectly in your home. But if you still want the reasons to go for tiles on your walls, then keep reading.

  • Best for waterproofing

If you have regular water leakage problems in your home no matter how much you renovate the roof and other parts of your house, then tiles are the best solution for you. Mostly in such walls if you use paint or wallpaper, they come off easily because of the moisture. But as the tiles are solid layers on top of your walls, so there are very few chances of these getting destroyed because of water leakages. That is the reason you will find tiles being commonly used in your bathrooms and kitchen.

  • Versatility is the reason

You can actually be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting the tiles for your walls. No matter of which color, shade, and design you are looking for, you will find them easily in the stores. There are also choices in gloss or matte, plain or textured, embossed or printed, and much more.

  • The budget factor

When you compare the labor charges that go in painting and the frequent redoing of the same, tiles would be a lesser expensive option. Yes, wallpapers are relatively cheaper, but you very well know that the life of the wallpaper is hardly a few years. So, selecting the tiles for your walls make these a long-lasting solution on your walls which automatically makes them budget-friendly.

  • The aesthetics

With tiles, you can rest assured that your interiors are going to look fabulous. And if you are selecting a fantastic pattern or design or shape that matches very well with your interior design or furniture, then you can’t challenge the jaw-dropping look you shall create with tiles.

  • Super easy to maintain

With paints and wallpapers, you are often stressed because of the cleaning and maintenance that they require. Sometimes, you can’t even clean the paint because of the fear of destroying it. But with tiles, you can rest assured that cleaning it is an easy process that would only enhance its beauty.

If you have read all the above points carefully, even you would agree that installing tiles on your walls is an absolutely great idea. So, when are you trying tiles for your walls?

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