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Which Is The Most Expensive City In Europe To Rent A Room?

When you decide to go on a vacation, there are many things you need to keep in mind and a residence is one of them. Unless you have the amount of wealth that does not allow you to worry about these factors, you need to have a budget constraint and look for countries and places that have decent living rates.

vacation holiday rentals
vacation holiday rentals

You might want to look for a cheap apartment for rent during your vacation. It will help you save a lot of money which you can spend on other sources such as experiences, food, travel, etc. For this, you need to know which places are cheaper to live in.

If you are planning to explore the beauty of Europe, you should avoid the places that have too expensive residence rates. Europe is not cheap overall, but you can still have a great vacation experience if you chose the right place. In order to let you take an informed decision in terms of renting vacation holiday rentals, we have comprised the list of 10 most expensive cities in Europe with their average living cost for a month.

  1. London – London has yet again topped the list of being the most expensive city to live in Europe. Based in the United Kingdom, this capital city is known for its small apartments and expensive rates. Recent average monthly rates of living in London can range up to 6000 Euros. This averages to 200 Euros per day, which is quite expensive.
  2. Moscow – Moscow, Russia is also a very expensive city in terms of rent. You will have a hard time finding cheap apartments for rent here. The average monthly cost of living in this capital of Russia can range up to 4500 Euros per month. This amounts to an average of 150 Euros per day. So if you are looking for rooms for rent near me in Mosco, be ready for an expensive surprise.
  3. Zurich – Switzerland is a wonderful place. It is a dream destination for many tourists and travelers. If you are planning to go to Zurich, you might avoid Zurich if you are under a budget constraint. The average monthly rental here amounts to around 3700 Euros per month. This amounts to around 120 Euros per day roughly.
  4. Geneva – Another beautiful Switzerland city, Geneva is also one of the most expensive cities in Europe for renting. The average monthly rental of rental apartments in Geneva range across 3600 Euros, which also average up to 120 Euros per day. You might want to take a big budget if you are visiting Switzerland.
  5. Istanbul – This beautiful city of Turkey is a  perfect combination of European and Asian architecture. It is a tourist hub these days. If you are looking for cheap apartments for rent in Turkey, Istanbul might not be your perfect place. The average range of monthly rentals in Istanbul range from 3300 Euros which amount to around roughly 105 Euros per day. It is still less expensive than the cities of Switzerland and the UK.
  6. Paris – Astonishingly, Paris is down on the list of most expensive cities to live in Europe. The average monthly rental cost of this beautiful fashion capital amounts to 2700 Euros per month. This amounts to 90 Euros per day. If you have this much to spend in a day, you can choose Paris as a city for your vacation.
  7. Dublin – Dublin is a marvelous city with aesthetic architecture and history combined with modernity. This famous city is not as expensive as people think. The average monthly cost of Dublin residence is equal to Paris roughly. It costs up to 2600 Euros per month which amounts to 90 Euros per day. It should be on your bucket list if you can spend this much and you’re not looking for cheap apartments for rent.

If you are looking for vacation holiday rentals or cheap apartments for rent, you can visit the vacation saga property listing tab and look for the best destination for you. It has a plethora of properties with reasonable prices and luxurious amenities in different countries including Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, etc. You can skip the generic tourist destinations and explore the less-traveled parts of Europe.

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