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Start Your Business with USA Dedicated Server Hosting – Onlive Server

Onlive Server Hosting is a USA Dedicated Server hosting provider which offers quality and professional web hosting services at an affordable price. We commit our team of experts to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and value they can get in the market.

Our highly experienced technical team has provided our clients with premium dedicated servers for their businesses for many years. We have an extensive network of high-speed internet connections in various locations across North America that provide us with optimal connectivity for your site’s growth.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server hosting is a type of web hosting that provides you with a dedicated IP address and a fully managed system. This means you have complete control over the operating system, its applications, and the hardware specifications. You can easily access the server from anywhere in the world through any device, even if it’s not connected to your desktop or laptop.

A dedicated server will provide you with better performance and security than shared hosting plans because there is no need for other websites to share resources on your server. It also allows you to install software packages such as WordPress, Jamal, Drupal, VPS control panel etc., which makes it easier for you to manage your website.

Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting

It is important to note that many servers are available, creating not all servers equal. For example, some servers offer faster performance than others. A dedicated server provides the best possible hosting options for your business.

You would want to use a dedicated server instead of shared hosting for several reasons. These reasons include:

Increased Security

When choosing a shared host, many dangers can occur when sharing files or data with other users. This can lead to hackers accessing information that should remain confidential. Because each user has their account on the same server, hackers can’t gain access to any user’s account without first gaining access to all other accounts on the same server. This could only happen if someone had control over multiple accounts on the same server. A dedicated server does not share accounts with other users and avoids these problems entirely!

Increased Speed

Shared hosting accounts come with varying speeds based on how many people use the server at once and how much traffic goes through each day. USA Dedicated servers offer more consistent performance due.


It is the best server hosting company. We provide you with USA-dedicated server hosting services in which you can easily host your website and applications on our server. We use high-end hardware and the latest technology to improve the server’s performance so that you can quickly get a high speed and good response time from your site.

Web Security

It hosts the world’s most secure and advanced web hosting solution. It equipped our servers with some of the best technology that protects your site from all cyber-attacks and hackers. We provide you with a dedicated server hosting plan and an unlimited resource plan, allowing you to host multiple websites without hassle. We supply our robust and reliable network of data centres with state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that I watch your website from all threats.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can host unlimited websites on this server with our unlimited bandwidth plans. You can also install all the software applications needed to run your business smoothly and efficiently. There are no additional charges for installing software or programs on this dedicated server. We provide 24/7 customer support to help you whenever you need us!


It offers the best-dedicated server hosting services in the industry. We are one of the most reliable names in the domain, and we have been serving clients worldwide for over a decade now. Our business has become one of North America’s top dedicated server hosting providers.

Our servers are located across different geographical regions, and this helps us ensure our customers get their servers at their desired locations. We offer you a variety of options for choosing your preferred server location.

Data privacy

Onlive Server Hosting is committed to ensuring that the information we collect on our customers is secure and that we use it under all applicable laws.

Onlive Server Hosting limits access to your account by IP address, so only the server knows who is using it. This makes it impossible for anyone outside our network to access your account.

High Bandwidth

High speed is vital for your business because it allows you to work quickly and efficiently, which will help you save time and money. That’s not all; if your website or application doesn’t have enough capacity, it will be slow and become less user-friendly.

Technical Support

It offers 24/7 technical support to our customers. We are here to help you with any technical problem you may have. Our expert team of engineers can assist you with anything from setting up your server to troubleshooting problems and providing you with the best service possible.


  1. High-speed servers: We have a team of highly skilled technicians who are experts in setting up and configuring the best server hosting packages. All our servers come with SSD (Solid State Drives), making them faster than traditional complex drive-based servers.
  2. 24/7 customer support: Our team is always available to answer your queries. You can approach us through email, live chat or phone call during working hours (8 am-5 pm PST).
  3. Free domain registration: We offer free domain registration with each order at Onlive Server Hosting, so you can use a custom domain while building your website!
High-quality SSD Driver

We designed our SSD Driver for high-speed performance, allowing you to transfer large files without delays. It offers the best hosting services to our clients. This is especially important for those who need to quickly download large files from their websites.

Our SSD Driver will help you reduce your website load time and increase the speed of your website. The SSD Driver has been tested and proven compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Control Panel Access

Every server comes with a full-featured control panel, which makes it simple for you to manage and monitor the performance of your server. You can access this panel to view your server’s current version, view logs, manage email settings and more.


It offers affordable USA server hosting. You can start your business with our cheap USA dedicated server hosting at a very reasonable price.

Best service

I dedicate myself to providing the best and most reliable services to all of our clients. We offer 24/7 support to all our customers if they face technical issues while using our servers.

Unlimited Bandwidth              

We provide unlimited bandwidth on all of our dedicated servers so that you can host a total number of websites with no restrictions. Italy dedicated server hosting is the best solution for your business. It is an efficient, reliable and secure solution that can host your web applications and websites.


Onlive Server is a USA Dedicated Server provider which provides high-performance servers with low latency and high bandwidth. They have many servers available so that you can use any of their servers depending on your needs. They have an excellent customer support team that will help you with any issues.

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