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Why Does My MOT Test Fail?

If you own a vehicle, then you very well understand the importance of keeping your vehicle maintained and up to date. It’s significant to keep your car in good condition, as that provides you safety on the road. Not just to you, but a well-maintained vehicle provides safety to the fellow passengers as well. Taking care of your car should be your foremost duty. The government also leaves no stone unturned from its side to make sure that your vehicles don’t go awry on the roads.

That’s why they’ve made MOT tests mandatory for all vehicle owners. MOT, as you all know, stands for Ministry of Transport. It is now a defunct government department. But that doesn’t trim down the credibility of the test. It’s quite evident that MOT checks almost all the parts of your vehicle and gives you a certificate in the end that proves that your car is roadworthy.

However, it’s not that easy as it sounds. It won’t be wrong to say that the MOT test Manchester gives jitters to most people. No matter how much you keep your vehicle maintained from your end, there are times when your car isn’t able to clear the test with flying colours leaving you dejected and glum. Now, there can be many reasons why your vehicle is not able to pass the test. We’ve zeroed in on some of the reasons behind your MOT failure. Read them properly and see that your vehicle never flunks the test again.

Reasons for MOT failure

Faulty headlights account for almost 17% of MOT failures. When your headlight is adjusted in the wrong direction or when the indicators or brake lights don’t work then your vehicle is bound to fail in the MOT test.


Your tyres are said to be the sturdiest parts of the vehicle. Despite that, they also fail the MOT test. For instance, 1.6mm is the minimum legal tread that you need to maintain. When the tread limit falls below this number, MOT cannot be passed at any cost. So, you should check the tread yourself before you take your car for the test.

Wipers and windscreen

You’d be quite surprised to know but 12% of the MOT tests fail due to faulty windscreens. If there are any tears in the wipers, then also MOT can’t be cleared. At times, there are cracks in the windscreen then it’s very much possible that it might obscure your view. It obviously won’t let the MOT clear.


It becomes the most common reason for MOT failure. If there are excessive wear and tear of the brake plates and is noticed by the technicians conducting MOT, then there’s hardly any chance left that you’ll clear the MOT test Manchester. Brakes are extremely important for your safety. If they aren’t working well, you must first get them repaired.


If you notice bangs when the vehicle passes over bumps, then it’s an indicator that the suspension of your vehicle is not working well. Some of the MOT failures do happen because of this.

The exhaust system of the car

The exhaust system can get rust, noisy or there can be silencer issues in the system. All these issues will lead to MOT failure.

So, we see that there can be numerous reasons for Failure. However, with due diligence, you can avoid getting flunked in this test. The best you can do is give your car for regular servicing. You shouldn’t delay it at any cost. If you keep your car regularly serviced, then there are considerable chances that you’ll never fail the test.

This way, you’ll save quite a few bucks on the retest as well. Doing some minor and quick checks before you take your vehicle for the test is another way of clearing it without any hassles.


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